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Join us for a provocative and timely panel moderated by one of our own club members, Lyle Goldstein '94, at the Watson Center at Brown University and co-sponsored with the Brown Club of RI.


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When:        Thursday 12th October 2017 - 6pm light refreshments and 6:45pm panel

Cost:          $12 registered club members

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Much has been said about Russia in the last year.  These days, news anchors and pundits of all stripes hold forth almost every day on Russia’s leadership, its socio-economic status and its foreign policy goals.  Members of Congress state with great certainty that Russia is an “enemy,” intelligence agencies issue regular reports on the Kremlin’s “dark arts” and military leaders have pronounced Moscow as America’s foremost national security threat.  Russian ambitions appear to be on the march from Crimea to the Baltics to the Arctic to the Middle East.  In cyber-space, Russian hackers are said to have overturned election results in the US, France and other established democracies, while threatening many others.  However, despite the appearance of Russia in nearly every news broadcast in contemporary American media discourse, it remains extremely rare to hear the voice of actual experts in the field of Russian studies.  These are people with decades of experience with Russian history, its culture, and also its language.  In many cases, they have lived in Russia or nearby regions and continue to visit periodically for research.  This unique evening event gathers some of the leading national experts to assess three basic questions.  How is Russia ruled?  Where is Russia going and why?  What are the implications for US national security and for global order more generally?

The Panel of Experts:

Linda Cook - Professor of Political Science and Slavic Studies at Brown University with expertise on socio-economic conditions in contemporary Russia. 

Nikolas Gvosdev - Jerome E. Levy Professor of Economic Geography and National Security at the U.S. Naval War College.  He writes regularly on US-Russian relations and US foreign policy for The National Interest

Alexandra Vacroux - is Executive Director of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University, as well as Lecturer in Government with special expertise on US-Russia relations and the Russian health care system

This panel will be chaired by HCRI member Lyle Goldstein '94, Professor and expert on both Russia and China at US Naval War College.  

Register now as we expect a sellout! Attendance will be limited to 65 current club members and their guests. There will be no walk-in tickets sold.

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